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Breast Cancer Awareness

Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Since 1992,
the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade
has been at the forefront of the fight against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Inspire Me Necklace
stone and ribbon charms and circle pendant to remind us all to “laugh often, live well and love life!”

Breast Cancer Awareness Stainless Steel Ring
Cocktail ring with heart-shaped pink CZ stone set in stainless steel.

Breast Cancer Awareness 3pc Silicone Bracelet Set
Believe, hope and strength.

Breast Cancer Awareness 2 Pack Tee
Set of two tees in solid hot pink and light pink with graphic heart.

Breast Cancer Awareness Sneaker
White lace up sneakers feature a pink ribbon motif on heels and pull tabs and “Hope” graphic on tongue.

Breast Cancer Awareness 2 Pack Socks
Two pairs of white socks with pink-ribbon graphics and stripes. Ankle and midcalf styles.

Breast Cancer Awareness Floating Charm Necklace
symbols of hope and healing.

Breast Cancer Awareness Multi Earring Pack
This adorable earring pack features six pairs of pierced studs, hoops and drops.

Thank you,
Wenona (Wendy) Jones
Avon Independent Sales Representative

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Published by WenonaGlimmers

Avon Independent Sales Representative I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife, Making beaded jewelry and playing video games. I am married and have one cat.

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